We are proud to participate this event , CASA DECOR 2022, MADRID. For the first time, where the @itamadrid in collaboration with the @raulmartinsestudio created the “SPAZIO ITALIA”, a suite that displays the new items from different Italian furniture brands, including our bed and bench from our SHELL collections.   This exhibition is from the 7th april to 22nd May 2022,  takes place at the goya 89 building, Madrid , a iconic building that hosts more than 50 spaces, where the professionals and companies create profitable synergies. For 30 years CASA DECOR has been a reference point for the interior design in Spain.

Our SHELL bed and bench, made in white leather, provided by the company @gruppomastrotto, are part of the suite which is designed and created by the @raulmartinsestudio studio for @itamadrid. A suite that enhances the sustainability, technology and design of Italian companies, giving visibility to the craftsmanship and the industry of “Made in Italy”.

“SPAZIO ITALIA” GOYA 89 BUILDING, MADRID – FROM 7TH APRIL TO 22ND MAY 2022  @itamadrid – @casadecoroficial @raulmartinsestudio – fotografo @nachouribesalaza